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About Podfire

The story of Podfire begins in 2017 with local Gold Coast businessman Brett McCallum. It was around this time that Brett decided to start his own podcast titled 'Awesome Humans' as a passion project where he would interview and explore the personal journey of one 'awesome human' each episode. Inspired by a successful start with Awesome Humans, Brett also began other podcasts including 'The Third Beer', 'The Crazy Ones', and 'Maxxi and Me'. 

Sensing an opportunity, Brett started what is now the parent company of Podfire, Media 8.

Media 8 was now in charge of releasing all of Brett's podcast content as well as encouraging other would-be podcasters to get on board, offering recording and editing services to those interested in starting their own.

Skip forward to today, Media 8 has stepped up as a parent company and Podfire is the newly branded podcasting arm - complete with more features, a better studio in Headquarters Gold Coast, and a more experienced editing team. Podfire is here, now, to bring your stories to life with the same passion and excitement the original Awesome Humans recordings had back in 2017.

"Podcasting started as a bit of fun for me with Awesome Humans but turned into a great tool to not only share stories and interview people I wouldn't otherwise get the chance to meet, but also to develop my personal brand and connections by constantly releasing content with awesome people. I can say that podcasting has definitely changed the way I do business.

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Brett McCallum

Awesome Humans Host & Podfire Founder

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